Essays on Economics

5 Essays tracing the quest for economic meaning in western civilisation from Gilgamesh to the Enlightenment, and also Henry's 2013 Paper on 'Economics and Inequality' by John Ruskin, which was delivered at the VU University, Amsterdam at an International Economics Conference. 

The C. S. Lewis 50th Anniversary Essays

A Collection of 14 Essays Henry wrote to mark the 2013 anniversary. One is book summary of THE FOUR LOVES, another a summary of his book on the medieval mind, anda the other 12 essays seek to summarise (mostly in Lewis' own words, his major theological.

Education & Pedagogy 

 Currently only holding one essay I did as a paper, first read at Liverpool Hope University's 'Aspects in Education' Conference 2013. It examines the education and educational thought of the 19th century polymath John Ruskin, who though home educated, went on to be one of the most influencial educators and cultural critics of his generation. Few people have the time now to read all his work on education but this paper is condensing of the material for busy people! 

Love and Lonliness

An awkward category really, but my very popular 'Why would Dawkin's ban valentine's day?' is here and others which I hope to add to as time goes on. 

Art & Culture

A few helpful essays here for those seeking greater understanding of art, architecture in western civilisation and the worldview's that underpin them. 



Book Cheats (summaries)

I've endeavoured to suck the marrow out of an number of books that have been influencial to my own thinking, or that have formed part of the research for a novel I was writing. I can't recommend these highly enough for those who want to get the meat from a book but don't have the money or time to do the whole thing. 



Climate Change? 

Is Climate Change the last Meta-Narrative?   I thought this might be a useful contribution to the beginning of any discussion on Climate change, a sort of ‘zoom-out’ context thing. I wrote it for a discussion that I could not attend, with my friends at the Cumbrian Skeptics Society in Oct 2012.....more..