The Shoulders of Giants

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Like many teenagers, fifteen-year-old Will Houston is haunted by the question: ‘When are you going to grow up?’ During his parents’ separation, Will is sent away from the city to live with his grandparents among the rugged Cumbrian fells and lakes. Read more ...

If the rocks could speak

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4 star small'8/10 stars...heartfelt, moving, well produced...'  Cross Rhythms 

 '...I'm Speechless...' Revival Fm     

Companion album for the novel 'the Shoulders of Giants'. 11 original songs by a including a cast of world class musicians including guitar legend Albert Lee. Read more ...

Line album

The Line (Album)

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Companion album for the book 'the Line'. 12 original songs to accompany the book including a cast of world class musicians including guitar legend Albert Lee. Read more ...

The Line (Book)line lineage messiah jesus bloodline henry brooks

The Line (Book)

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Follow the most diverse cast ever assembled in the greatest drama in all human history. 

Frustrated housewives and unfulfilled executives. Pagans, pioneers and prostitutes.   Asylum seekers, adulterers and child killers.  They're all there, certainly not the great and the good but a motley crew that all share on thing in common, the will of God happened because of them and not in spite of them. And now it's our turn ... Read more ...

School of the Giants study guide

Status: coming soon

Designed for individual use and for youth groups, these courses are an ideal way to suck the bone marrow out of the first in the Will Houston Mysteries. Read more ...


The Old School Secrets

Status: coming soon

Will is enrolled at an isolated, Cumbrian public school where he quickly finds himself in sharp conflict with the established social and educational hierarchy. And there are other sinister forces at work too. Read more...

The Cradle Snatchers

 Status: coming soon

When Will gets a Christmas job as a relief postman with his cousin Todd, he has no idea that he is stepping into one of London’s most notorious mass murder cases of all time. Read more ...

The Student jihad

Status: coming soon

By 'pure chance' Will discovers that Hanifa, a confident, young Muslim woman on his course is really working undercover for the security services to penetrate an al-Qaeda cell inside the university ... Read more ...

Other Will Houston Projects

When Hannah is kidnapped on their honeymoon in south America Will must ... Read more ...

First Contact (the Book)

Status: due 2015

For thousands of years they had been watching our species, visiting our planet, influencing our history, recording our behaviour, interfering with us, ... preparing for invasion. When that invasion finally came it was …. Read more ...

First Contact (the Album)

Status: due 2015

Album for the book by the same name. Read more ...

John Mark

Status: coming soon

An epic, historic fiction, in‘the Robe’ and ‘Ben Hur’ genre, where the reader can live the New Testament years through the eyes of John, surnamed Marcus and also nicknamed in the Greek kolobodaktulos or ‘Stubby Fingered’ ... Read more ...

The Umbridge Chronicles 

Status: unknown

This book is a strange mix of Roald Dahl, John Bunyan and C.S. Lewis.  It concerns the adventures of three very ordinary children in many extraordinary lands.  The of Kronos  are not unlike our own but very different in one way for there the land does not forget things that happened upon it.  Indeed it is a place where if you walked for a long time in one direction you would travel back through history itself ... Read more ...


Status: Sept 2014

'... The world is changing, nothing will ever be the same again ...' for you, for me, anyone, do you understand that, nothing.” It is the year of Our Lord 1536, a year when ... Read more ...

The Overmen 

Status: unknown

Seen through the eyes of hardened survivors this post apocalyptic story begins soon after a time of international war, environmental catastrophe and an alien invasion of supermen who have taken control of the globe ... Read more ...