The Shoulders of Giants

First novel in the series available in Paperback and as an MP3 Audio book at the shop.  Listen to Chapters 1 & 2 for .20p here 

Giant Shoulders


COMPANION CD for the book 

Status: available now

The book is released with a Rock/Pop If the rocks could speak album which expands the emotional themes of the narrative. ‘If the Rocks could speak’ by GIANTshoulders contains Drama, On-location interviews and 11 original tracks about characters from the story. Read more ...



 Status: available now for FREE on pdf.  For group and personal use...

FIRST BOOK ARRIVES.... watch here.  

Keswick Review (below) '...a novel written on two levels. One level we can enjoy the adventures...of this young man ... the other...reminds me of ...Pilgrim's Progress where temptation is met and overcome...a joy to read....Henry is one of our very talented Cumbrian writers...' 


  •  ' it to my cousin over the phone...all night!' Claire, 18, Maryport
  • '...its awesome...' George from Carlisle, age 14. 
  • '...couldn't put it down, stayed up 'till 4am reading it..' Phil, 63 Kendal.  
  • '... an extraordinary book, brilliantly written, extremely exciting.....10/10 for just pure creativity... it grabs the reader, making them want to sit down and read it in one go...would really recommend it to anyone who loves adventures with a sprinkle of romance...'   Grace, Windermere aged 12  
  • '...a real page turner..' Diana 50-ish, Windermere.  
  • '...i can honestly say, this is one of the best books i've come across. It's excitin, and it's set in Cumbria! Your such an inspiring person..' Sarah, 12, Egremont. 
  • '...Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, was even tempted to read it in bed under the bed clothes with a torch until I remembered that I am well grown up now, haven't read a book right through like that since I was a lad...' Bob, 60-ish, Cockermouth. 
  • '... just pricked my conscience in a way that's not happened for ages...' Andrew 15, Oxfordshire 
  • '...extremely impressed...believable characters ...really tell what the lake district is all about...Well done..' Roy, Birmingham aged 73.    
  • '......a wonderful achievement....stunning cameos, uplifting message, and winning of good over evilish are all excellent and very well done indeed...' Andy, Toronto aged 60.


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